What is Proper Car Maintenance and How Does It Prolong the Life of a Vehicle?

Purchasing a new vehicle, although often a necessity, can be a major financial burden. Unfortunately, cars are only made to last so long. When car repair costs begin to skyrocket, it is often the only option. However, prolonging the life of a vehicle can help ease this financial burden and save the household a lot of money over time. Beginning from the day a vehicle is purchased, steps can be taken to ensure the car lasts for many years. Proper Car Maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of a vehicle and minimizing expensive repairs.

What is Proper Maintenance?

Every vehicle comes with recommended maintenance tasks from the manufacturer. These tasks are necessary for extending the life of a vehicle. Following these guidelines can help minimize problems with the car. Combining proper maintenance with timely repairs can make a vehicle last for ten years or more. It can also prevent serious damage and help maintain the efficiency of the vehicle.

Oil Change

One of the most important scheduled maintenance tasks is the regular oil change. Most manufacturers recommend this be performed every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. The oil in a vehicle helps to keep the working parts of the engine cool and lubricated. Over time, the engine oil can become sludgy or even contain corrosion and debris. This can diminish the oil’s ability to cool and lubricate the moving parts of the engine and even cause serious damage.

Timely Repairs

A vehicle is made up of various parts and systems to provide a safe and comfortable ride. When one thing breaks or malfunctions on a vehicle, it can cause strain and extra wear on other parts if not immediately addressed. This makes it very important that all drivers have their vehicle checked out by a mechanic at the first sign of a problem or change in the way a car drives.

Keeping up to date on all schedule maintenance and repairs may not prevent all problems, but it can minimize them and reduce the damage they can cause to the vehicle. In the long run, proper care for a vehicle can save a household thousands of dollars by prolonging the life of the vehicle.